Gumera Learning Haven explores how nature play positively impacts your child’s development.

Nature play has immense benefits to children’s wellbeing and is incredibly important for child development. Here’s our top three:

1. Cognitive Development

Nature play encourages problem-solving, creativity, and critical thinking. Children can explore and interact with the natural world, which helps stimulate their curiosity and imagination. They learn to observe, predict, and understand natural phenomena, such as the changing seasons, weather patterns, and the life cycles of plants and animals. This promotes cognitive development and a deeper understanding of the world around them.

2. Physical Health and Well-Being

Playing in a natural environment provides children with opportunities for physical activity, such as running, climbing, and exploring. This active play promotes physical fitness, coordination, and motor skills development. Unlike more structured indoor play, nature play allows children to move their bodies in a variety of ways, promoting muscle strength, flexibility and body awareness.

3. Emotional and Social Development

Nature play fosters emotional resilience and social skills. Children learn to take risks, manage challenges, and overcome fears in a natural setting, which can boost their self-confidence and emotional intelligence. It also encourages social interaction and cooperation, as children often engage in collaborative and imaginative play with peers when exploring the outdoors.

How Does Gumera Early Learning Haven Encourage Nature Play?

Our state-of-the-art centre boasts purpose-built indoor spaces and a large outdoor learning environment designed to inspire a love of nature. We provide sandpits, water play, veggie gardens and a sustainability program to foster an understanding of our planet and how to care for it.

No matter what weather conditions, our service provides undercover outdoor spaces for children to learn through play and exploration.

What sets Gumera apart is our unique natural setting, surrounded by water and forest views, providing the perfect environment for children to Numula (embrace) their curiosity, Duran (grow) their imagination, and express their Gurai (wonder) of the world.

Unlock the endless possibilities of nature play for your child’s development at Gumera Learning Haven.

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